Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

Goodbye was nice doing life with you.....

But the time has come to say goodbye and make way for 2015......

Happy New Year from us to you.... 

Thanks for the birthday wishes.....can't believe I wait all year and she comes and goes just like that....watching another disappear with  the ticking over of another years end.


  1. Love the pictures! So cute! Happy New year to you all as well!

  2. Hey... Happy belated birthday! and a happy new year to you! xxx

  3. These are beautiful photos of all of you. Happy happy new year to you and your family Bron may it bring great things, happiness and good health. xxxx

  4. Lovely family photos … you look radiant in them :0)

  5. Beautiful photos Bron, you haven't changed a bit since we met this time last year! You all look so happy, may it continue long into 2015 and beyond! Happy New Year to you all xx

  6. Happy New Year, Bron! To you and your beautiful family. X


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