Sunday, December 28, 2014


Him: I never tire of watching him use his mind.
Her: Loving the celebrations

Well that is it.....52 photos of our two......for 52 weeks......

so many great moments recorded for them each to remember.

I am in two minds about next year...I want too but not sure about whether it is right....we shall talk.

Have loved the years pics - My 52 weeks project

Joined in with Jodi 

Thanks for popping by and leaving sweet words for my two.


  1. Well done on seeing out the year in 52 style. Was a great record. Love these 2 pictures. Lovely to see the lego. Did he get lots?
    Maybe you need to just do Fraser next year... tricky when they are a bit bigger...

  2. Have always loved the idea of the 52 photos (and how quickly did the year go?), but it's hard when these little people start growing up Bron! You'll all work it out, your photos are always lovely xx


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