Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thankful list

* Finding the day to finally pop up the tree

* The opening of the decorations box and have memories come flooding back

* That the kids love to put Taylor's memories front and centre

* All the beautiful moments in our week

* Top accolades for our dancing girl

* The most proud mumma moment watching our graceful girl in her tutu

* The bottle stayed on and wowed the audience

* A successful end to our playgroup year

* Sharing tears as I farewell families who have been in our midst for three years

* Handsome haircut for my boy

* The delicious tea experience every evening

* A "mental health day" on Friday...restoring calm and peace to the mind and body

* Sparkly lights popping up everywhere

* Sharing moments with family

* My 4 year old niece in her hermit crab ballet costume

* My 8 year old niece in her peal ballet costume

* Watching Meg with the girls and embracing their excitement

* Friends who support and encourage

* A few bags more decluttered from the cupboards

* The appearance of a pumpkin on the vine

* The first cherry tomatoes

* The first presents wrapped under the tree

* The relief of letting some things go
#895 The sanctuary of home


  1. Wow, that is some list... Love that Christmas memory for the tree! Just lovely. Can't imagine how difficult it must be each year.
    Sounds like a terrific dance performance. Happy to hear the bottle stayed put.
    Playgroup - bittersweet I am sure.
    yay for home grown veggies.
    Yay for decluttering...
    Good luck on letting more things go too, whatever types of things they may be.
    Best wishes...

  2. I love your list this week, made me very teary. Love how your kids put your beautiful girl front and centre on the tree, just where she should be! Love hearing about the dancing too, congratulations to you all. Enjoy this week Bron xx

  3. Nice list!!!! I love opening our Christmas things and finding bitter sweetness and joy in the memories that they bring. Taylor's picture with the word "Joy" around it.... So lovely and special... I have some similar items as well and I like to sit and talk about the past and the love and joy that this treasures evokes in us all. xx

  4. Always love reading your lists Bron - hope you're having a good run into Christmas xx


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