Monday, May 11, 2015

Ten on Ten - May

 Ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day
Today was a Sunday also Mothers Day....

* Some thoughtful gifts to start the day.

* The quiet before the fun....nursery room at church set to go.

* Some creative opportunities to show mums that they are loved.

* Teaching kids about the "circle of blessing" - Honoring our Mothers and Fathers

* No fancy lunch....just felt like a banana and honey sandwich ( the family did a lovely dinner the night before)

* Hoping that this ticket was going to be our was such a whim to buy

* The humor of our teen

* A shiny new piece to keep my memories.

* The teen wasn't around for the day...ran off to circus school

*We caught the last few minutes of a fun packed day for the teen.

A different kind of Mothers Day this year....kind of good that there was not too much time to reflect...less emotional that way.

Joining in with Rebekah's Ten on Ten project.


  1. Loving your photo a day using the prompts think I need to get on to them too. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. Looks like a great day - Hope you had great fun x

  3. I love that it was such a simple but sweet day! It looks so very lovely.

  4. You did well to keep busy, I wasn't busy enough on Mother's Day, although it was lovely. I love that circle of blessing Bron and your circus teen, what a great day she must have had. Am pleased you did too. I also love that locket, so pretty! xx

  5. Mothers day is a bitter sweet day for sure... Keeping busy really does help! Love the humor of your teen!!! She is so cute x

  6. Looks like an interesting way to spend a day.
    Love that Retro book... look forward to seeing what you make from it.

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you lovely Bron:):) I'm glad your day was filled with lots of fun and busy things. I have to say I love what Meghan wrote, teens they have such a good sense of humour don't they:) Have a beautiful day. xxx


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