Saturday, May 16, 2015

Thankful list

* Week's that begin with a date day with my hubby

* Free exhibitions on the most beautiful coastline around.

* The creative talents of locals using recycled materials

* Train travel with my girl

* Seeing the teen head off to her usual class with her dad by her side

* That scene resulting in a bonus night home for me

* More new born cuddles

* A great small group meeting

* The warmth of the sun for the couple of hours in the middle of the day

* The crisp mornings that bring promise of a couple of hours of warmth

* A very mild afternoon to sit and watch soccer training

* Work colleagues who oblige with car lifts

* Moments to dream on possibilities of our up coming changes

* The weather forecast that promised to make soccer the saddest place to be....and yet we stayed dry

* Grabbing a beanie at the very last moment and being so thankful that it combined with the many layers did a little to combat the hurricane winds at soccer today

* The first win of the season...made freezing to the bone a little worth it.

* A warm cuppa had with my dad to wish him Happy Birthday on the back of the freezing soccer morning

* Movie nights and pizza with the cousins...leaving us to a cosy dinner for two on the couch

#1111  Reading all the other thankful list that blogging friends are putting together

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  1. Beautiful list! Hope it heats up a little this week! X

  2. Lovely Bron! I note a recurring theme of soccer here...I get it, we have footy training and of course the weekend is game I got drenched standing on the sideline. I dread the elements where footy spectating is concerned. Have a great week :)

  3. Oh my goodness.... Hurricane winds! Wow... I remember walking home from school one day in hurricane winds. Off the coast of California in the mid 70's was a hurricane so big we felt it in Reno. I literally had to hold on to things to get home so that I was not blown away! I think the winds that day reached between 65 to 75 mph. The team showed real spirit playing in conditions that are not favorable but I guess that it really would have been a fun adventure to them lol Have a great week xxx

  4. Sounds like it was a chilly day! But with lots of warmth :) Love that you are continuing your lists beyond 1000 xx


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