Thursday, May 28, 2015

Anyone want a bread maker?

Sorry it's gone!

See this is space on my bench...where the bread maker has sat.....

That space symbolises a point in time.....

You see we have lived in our home for 16 1/2 years......that amounts to a  lot of stuff tucked in and around our home....

The giving away of the bread maker  is marking that the time that has come,  time to make a stand against the hidden and not so hidden things that fill our home.

There are changes afoot for us....and part of that is simplifying our lives, homes and probably head space too....

I have also discovered something about myself...well OK I probably already knew it but was in denial....

I am AFRAID of empty space....there I said it.....

Now to seek help to cure myself of that and find the next thing.....or lots of things to part with in order to make our way to a lighter future...whatever it may hold.

(loved my bread maker but the reality is ...I don't have time to use it......I loved the idea..but now is not the time now someone else has the pleasure of making fresh delicious smelling bread)


  1. Oooh bench space. I do so love some bench space! I think we might be considered polar opposites :) All the best for your simplification journey :)

  2. I simplified a few years ago because we had to move. In the years since, I've filled up the empty spaces. I'm most comfortable surrounded with my "stuff".

  3. Hahaha you are not alone! I have to fill spaces when there are empty's one also... Maybe there is a "leave that space empty" class we can take lol just kidding xxx

  4. it feels good to clear some clutter....x

  5. It can be hard to part with things you never know when you might need some of that stuff but a good declutter is freeing. xxx

  6. You need to hang out with me for a while, I am right into de-cluttering lately. Well done on recognising the bread maker might be put to better use elsewhere, am sure it will be appreciated. Take care Bron, sending lots of positive thoughts your way for the next stage in your lives xx


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