Saturday, September 5, 2015

Smelling Roses

The paint was barely dry enough....

After two weeks of our bedroom being rebuilt literally from the roof down, it was nice to wash the brushes and move back in....

The roses that my Hubby found in the garden did a little to off set the paint smell. 

Now my dilemma is that I actually like the minimalist look...but what to do with all the "stuff" that came out of there?

A bit of a forced rest day today as the flu has struck down the main hard worker on our renovation project.

I will continue on paving the way for the next stage....I have decided the only way to renovate and live in it is to pack up . So I grabbed packing boxes off gumtree and away I go....


  1. Looks lovely! Maybe get rid of some stuff + over time it will fill up again!

  2. Well done Bron and family, it looks beautiful and so cosy. Hope you're all getting lots of rest too. I'm feeling like de-cluttering all the time, it must be Spring cleaning time! And the roses look beautiful in that little glass. Have a great weekend xx

  3. Your room looks beautiful Bron I love your dressing table:) I hope everyone gets better soon and that you rest up too. Beautiful flowers lovely. Have a wonderful weekend. xxx

  4. I love your vase! I am always looking for fun things to use around the house, once I used my great grandfathers shaving cup turned pencil holder for a small bunch of flowers "Valencia orange juice?" I am not sure I am brave enough to try that flavor but the bottle is really cute! The roses that your hubby found (So very sweet by the way) gives your room a nostalgic look especially on that beautiful Bureau. I have always wanted to go minimalist but I have to much junk... I should try your way because if I did it that way I most definitely would not want to put anything back and mess up my new fresh room. I hope that the flu goes away very fast and that he feels much better very quickly xxxxx


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