Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Waiting or as you are going?

It was one of those perfect and most glorious days yesterday.

After spending the morning with my beautiful playgroup families I was treated to a picnic lunch made by a friend.

As we sat and enjoyed a simple and delicious lunch we gushed over the beauty of the day. We also shared our hearts, listened to each others concerns and what was weighing down our hearts. we also encouraged each other in the waiting game...waiting for that revelation of where we are headed.

But as we chatted I got to thinking about that waiting that we say we are doing....waiting infers stillness, stagnant even...should we be waiting or is it in the going that things are revealed?

As I crawled into bed last night and reflected on my day...I knew that the family with the new baby felt loved by my team at playgroup, that my friend was encouraged by our time together (as I was)...even the time we took as a family to go and see a movie last night has impacted our thinking.
All these events are part of the going...the moving towards the revealing of our journey
Make sense?

I think it is in the going that we are being prepared for what lies ahead. Our family is in a state of change ,our circumstances are never what they have been before. we are being prepared for more change but I don't think God wants us to stay still and just wait.....wait till the house is finished, wait till we are on our last keep going and keep appreciating and being grateful for the events of each day.

So we will keep the moments in the day and as we go, we will see the plans for us as a family come to fruition....

and continue to make the most of these most perfect days.


  1. I love that you are richly enjoying the daily journey in this 'waiting' period. These are precious times xxx

  2. Hope you are enjoying the here and now and this phase of your lives. I am sure that plans will unfold no matter the moment or what you are doing (moving or standing still). xx

  3. As they say "life is a journey, not a destination" and it's the journey that makes the memories.

  4. Gorgeous beach! Makes me want to go there for some R&R right about now lol. Picnic lunch with a friend is the best. Praying that what happens next presents it self in a happy way soon but for now continue to treasure the time you have together making those great memories xxx

  5. It sounds like a perfect day spent with a dear friend bringing clarity about the journey that lies ahead for all of you. I hope all is going well lovely. xxx


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