Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who are you gonna call?

My sister has had a bee problem for about a week and a half.....
she first called us to see if we could send the number of our bee friend....

Not being able to get hold of our bee friend...hubby said he would be able to take care of them......then he came down with the flu!

Every few days my sister would send a photo update of the bees....hoping they would just up and swam away eventually.....especially as they were right in the middle of her 5 kiddies play field.

But no..
So feeling a little better yesterday ,hubby armed himself with all he needed....

Much to the fascination of the nephews and the rabbits he dealt with these particularly pesky bees very kindly.....

Amazing that some strong mix of water and dish washing liquid can do the trick.

Shame they didn't pick a more ideal place to make a home and maybe produce some honey!


  1. Ekkk... that is some bee pile!

  2. Yikes! I remember driving through a wandering swarm one day and was very happy that I had all my windows rolled up. I am so happy that your sweet hubby could assist for everyone! Especially the little ones x

  3. Gee your hubby was brave!!! I bet your sister was happy that he was able to help so everyone can go outside again. xxx


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