Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ten On Ten

Ten photos on the tenth as it unfolded......

Soccer has Saturday morning routines in place

The rain threatened for our first game......but held off to make a stunning morning to be watching the guy play with a new bunch of little guys.

There was some quick brownie making to be done

A meet up for early Mothers Day celebrations....due to the unpredictable weather it went from a picnic lunch to picnic afternoon afternoon tea at the cafe....

No one was complaining about scones and hot chocolates...or whatever it was that took thier fancy.

Presents were shared....

...and that weather ...never eventuated....instead we had the most perfect of afternoons.

Joining in with Rebekah
ten on ten button


  1. Looks action packed and great fun! Yay for gorgeous days x

  2. Yeah for fine weather, get togethers, hot chocolates and beautiful parks to gather together in. xxx

  3. Lovely! this time of year seems a bit crazy- glad you got the soccer in :)

  4. Looks like a beautiful family day! Yay for lovely days like this :)

  5. That boy is getting more like his dad...


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