Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When I was in retail....

...The customer was nearly always right......after all they were why we existed .


Yesterday while at our local shopping centre I talked my man into stepping into a shop to try on some new clothes....

It is not something he ever does and I thought he could do with a few new things.....to my surprise he went along with it...I even got him in the change rooms trying on items.

We agreed that the new things made him look pretty hot...(.well I agreed )and so we set out to make our purchases. The sales assistant was very keen to help us to the counter and begin the transaction.
I remembered that I had a credit note for the store and with one month left on it's expiry, was a perfect chance to use it....not all that much but still worth cashing in.

The credit was in the form of a plastic swipe card and it was proving difficult to swipe....after several  attempts the sales assistant seemed stumped at what to do...she suggested that I try using it another time...I've had it for 11 months (that being the last time I was in that store). I said I would rather use it that day.

By this time my man had left the store to wait outside.....the other young sales assistant was no help and even suggested that the credit had expired all the while not engaging me in the conversation....it was clearly still valid.

Easy I thought, just give me the discount on my purchases, which were a significant spend....
and then sort it out later with the manager when she returns.......right???

Wrong...the solution they came up with - charge me the full price and ask me to return when the manager is back in store and she will issue me with a new credit voucher!!!!

I remained polite and said I that I would  return.....not to accept a new credit but to insist they refund me the amount off my total....

Very frustrated that we, the customer were treated as just another sale...figures on the books....well this customer will probably not be that keen to return for further sales even if the clothes did make my man look "hot"

If a retail store wants to remain thriving, surely they have to see the customer as the main reason they are in business...customers matter.....service is where it is at...

Not at all how I remember my early training in retail....


  1. I so agree with you, so difficult to get not just good service, but adequate service in shops. I really notice those who treat the customer with respect & would happily revisit even if it is more expensive. I hope you were able to get your refund.

  2. That's so awful. Absolutely no respect for your time or money. Shimmy for sure.

  3. How frustrating and annoying. My father and mother both used to tell me the customer is always right and to treat them respectfully. It would seem that that old fashion training really needs to be looked at again. I hope that there are no issues with a refund. xxx

  4. Poor service and a severe lack of common sense seems to be epidemic in retail these days. I must say though it does mean that when you do get good service it really stands out. Hope you get your refund ... and something extra to boot.

  5. Poor service and an absolute waste of time which makes it that more frustrating! Customer service does seem to be a foreign concept these days... :(

  6. Wow! Customer service is pretty much non existent everywhere. (which is not surprising to me anymore) But what is more surprising is getting your husband to try things on! Since my husband started his new job it is a bit easier but I have spent the most part of thirty three years of marriage trying to get him to this point lol


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