Friday, May 30, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Finding a swimming rash shirt in store in Winter.

* Pumpkin soup made from gifted organic pumpkin

* Scoring player of the match at soccer

* A smashing almost winters day, where swimming lessons were had outside

* The gift of a button necklace made by a little sweet Miss

* Monday's off with my Mr

* Spontaneous clothes shopping with that same Mr

* Gumboot wearing brides

* Newly driving nephews who are willing to help with the pickups

* Grandparents for my children

* Celebrating a birthday for the very oldest of our extended family and thankful he is in good health

* Deliciously good food...tapas style

* Beautiful simple and meaningful weddings

* Tradesmen who turn up

#572 The prospect of a long weekend

My other lists are here


1 comment:

  1. Tradesmen that turn up ... that is indeed a rare phenonomen and something to be very thankful for ;0)


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