Friday, May 23, 2014

This Week

 Monday began gloomy....heavy...wet....and seemingly hard to move of those crawl back into bed and spend the day reading under the covers.......

but luckily I didn't cause I would have missed all of the good in the week to come...

 A snail mail gift  from the gorgeous Catherine....a gift that arrived in perfect timing to lift the spirits....I love the friendships forged through this space.

Seeing ballet shoes back on our teen...the next leg of her journey to pursue her dreams.

Finding my teen at the sewing machine...stitching up something to keep her new shoes.

Slow Cooker Balsamic Beef for dinner....and lunch the next day

Slow Cooked Tomato Soup......also filled the spot through out the week.

 Discovering this box....and upon lifting the lid I was transported back to my 15 year old self.....just wondering if there are some things in there that may help with my own 15 year old and her journey this week......maybe...  or should I just pop the lid back on and put the box back up in the back of the wardrobe.

It's been a week....keeping the lioness at bay.....holding my teens hand....being amazed at how amazing she is.....wondering if we are really doing it all right as parents....thinking that maybe we are on the right track......knowing we are really only beginning and this parenting thing is for the long haul.....

Check out Meghan's family adventure this week.


  1. oh that sounds like a roller coaster week. Wishing you an easier ride in the coming one. Lovely bag made for ballet shoes. Well done M.

  2. I am so glad it arrived just when you needed it most:) I am so grateful for our friendship made through blogging:) Oh dear it is so hard parenting as they get older and trying not to step in, that protective nature mothering nature is strong when our children are have troubles, I hope things work out well soon. What a beautiful girl making her new shoes something to keep them tidy and safe. Wishing you a week ahead with calmer seas. Take care my friend. xxx

  3. Lovely week, slow cookers are wonderful aren't they?

  4. May we all be prepared to get back into our dancing shoes no matter how grown up we become xxxx

  5. Yummm Those tomatoes look really good, I bet they made a great soup! I am happy to hear that your daughter is dancing again. My Mandy loved to dance and was very happy when she had a dance she had to choreograph even though stressful she loved it. I hope that you are having a well deserved and restful weekend. xxx

  6. Such a lovely week! And your daughter is amazing because you are amazing parents - keep smiling xx

  7. I reckon you're on the right track with this parenting thing Bron, you've got such a special angel guarding and guiding you. I only said to a friend today that I'm going to need my hand held through this teenage phase which I fear is just around the corner. Am looking to you for inspiration! Hope you're all well xx


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