Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Big Stage

It is no secret for anyone that knows our girl...she loves to is what she wants to do......
and I am pretty sure dance IS WHAT SHE WILL DO

This year she was accepted into WA's flagship contemporary dance company CO3

It has been quite the commitment travelling to the city 2 nights a week and a whole day on the weekend...but what we thought was going to stretch us to breaking point has come and nearly gone and we have all survived.

She has thrived in this adventure and developed in many ways not just her dancing....with just one year left of school she is growing in huge confidence that will see her most probably fly the nest sooner than her mumma will be ready for.

This week she has had a taste of what life would be like as a big league dancer.

She has just completed 6 performances at our states premier theater. Being in the youth ensemble has given her the experience to dance on the biggest stage she has had the opportunity to and dance along side the adult company dancers.... 

Wow it has been a big week for us all......but we are so proud of her and can see that she is certainly determined to follow that dream.

Now to get her up for school tomorrow and complete her final week for the year!


  1. How very exciting for her! I hope that she enjoys each moment xxx

  2. Keep following your dream beautiful girl - it's a dream perfectly made for you!

  3. Wow that is fantastic! How wonderful that her passion and hard work is paying off! What a joy and how proud you must all be! Congrats xx

  4. That's awesome! Go Meg! She looks beautiful & very grown up! & gee, she must be strong too! Ekkk.. good work! What a great year it's been, can't belive it's almost done either!!!

  5. That's fabulous … you need to put up a video of her in action.


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