Thursday, July 28, 2016

Days gone by....

Why is it that the days come and go so fast...something that was present or coming is gone and in the past so fast?

It was just school holidays two weeks ago......something that we look forward to greatly in this house......and now...
they are two weeks ago.
We are swallowed back up into the school/work routine and all the things that also claw at our time outside of those staples.

I did head away with a sister ,nephews and  my boy , a friend and her boy for a couple of boy stayed on for the week with his cousins as I had some pressing business to attend too 

The week beside the seaside began cold........and just got colder and colder.....
My sister is a trooper and by then my other sister had joined her and they toughed out the winter break with 8 kids between them.

But my couple of days was filled with cold but also relaxing hangout time with girl friends...eating chocolate, cheese and playing board games while the crazy kids toyed with the ocean and other land fun. 

Stuff memories are made that become memories all too fast. 


  1. Great fun times. Love them.

  2. Love the pictures! Looks like everyone had a fun time. Yes I felt that too this past week. I thought here we are already a bit more than half way through the year... ppppfffftttt Time is sure flying xxxx Hope Meg is doing well!

  3. Oh gee, it does look cold! Matches us lot! & Yes, days are flying by... just flying...Looks like you all had a great time.


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