Friday, August 5, 2016

Snapshots of our week

A few hours were spent at IKEA last weekend. Meg's friend had her 17th birthday there. A scavenger hunt followed by lunch in the cafe! They had a heap of fun finding and solving tasks set by the birthday girl. What was I to do but spend the few hours leisurely wandering and making decisions on what needed to come home with us.

The winners were two large mirrors. One for Meg's room and one for our lounge room. Both of which have now made themselves very at home.

My beanie from CarriesBeanies4BrainCancer arrived in the mail. Just in time for the cold snap that we have been having here. I love it and I know my big girl would have loved it too.

I have had a little time to read ... found this little book at a community bookshelf while waiting for my hot chocolate  down south during the school holidays. When I saw this book I remembered Fraser talking about having read it at was an interesting short read.

We have had family pizza night...the best kind of pizza.

Being thankful for the golden eggs that our chicks give us daily.  Able to make last minute unplanned dinners of Frittata as a result.

Making the most of soccer training waiting ...reading in the car. 

Our couple of oil diffusers are going overtime as we have sickness in the house and with working full time in classrooms filled with sick little ones we are doing all we can to ward of the germs and stop the spread.

Olympic fever is spreading. My class I relieved in the last two days was representing "Romania" in the Olympic school parade. 
It has been a hectic two weeks of working full time and the weekends just seem to go so fast. It is a busy one this weekend but hopefully not before I get a little sneaky sleep in...or maybe that soccer game is an early one...doh!!!!

I have dabbled a little further than I normally would this week with social media. I have been playing around with Instagram...... reconnecting with some old friends and being a little instant in my sharing.....I am hoping it will actually inspire me to take those photos amongst the crazy days and that will translate to showing up here a little more.

Have a great weekend my friends


  1. Looks like a great week. Love your beanie! Taylor would too!

  2. Love the Beanie idea very creative! and you look so cute wearing it :-) I was shopping one day and saw a that oil diffuser and almost purchased it... Does it work well? I love instagram. xxxxx


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