Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* The most warming sun in the middle of the day

* Birthday lunch celebrations

* A free lunch for that birthday boy

* Handsome "birthdaying" husbands

* Winning soccer goals

* The call to cancel training...saving me from a cold frosty hour on the oval

* The most magnificent cloud formations early in the morning

* The equally stunning sunset colours at the end of the day

* Impromptu drop ins on my very cute and cheeky nieces and nephews

* The most beautiful friends who know just what it is you need

* The kindness left here in this space.

* Chocolate cake

#609 Cherry Ripe/Turkish Delight combination chocolate bars    

Yay I needed this little list making today...thanks for popping in and checking it out.


  1. I used to always get a guilty pleasure out of training cancellations ... it was like winning the lotto on a cold night :0)

  2. I adore sunsets and cloud formations, friends who are there when you need them and birthdays:) Lots of lovely thankfuls in your list:) xxx

  3. Yay for cancelled training! And happy birthday to your husband. PS: That chocolate cake looked delicious! Lots of love to you all xx


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