Monday, June 30, 2014

Seventy Cents

Who knew it cost 70c to post a letter....send it snail mail...

Not me...I was sure they were still 55c maybe 60c....

I bought some today ..I have been penning some friends in far away places...

It feels good to scribble out some words....about us, what we are all doing.

I miss getting snail mail in my letterbox....I hope I make my friend's days as they get my letter along side of the bills that are sure to be there too.


  1. 70 cents?? I certainly didn't know that ... I'm with you, I would have thought 55! But there is something lovely about getting some mail that isn't a bill.

  2. Prices are going up here too... what the? Snail mail is one of the nicest things in life - I'm sure it will make their day x

  3. I love snail mail too! I can remember when I was a child my Gran taught us mail etiquette... you do not see that today with the age of technology, now its more about technology etiquette lol xxx

  4. I know I was a little shocked too to find out how much it costs to post a letter. I mostly post gifts and it often shocks me at how much that costs too. Getting a handwritten letter will most definitely brighten your friends day:) xx


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