Monday, June 23, 2014

7 Ways to Beat the "the funk"

Here are my tips for beating that funky feeling that can hold us hostage.....

1. Get to and refill the cupboards with good food- make sure you get it done early in the day out of the way

2. Get yourself to the beauty spa for that massage that a dear friend had booked you in for.

3. On returning home warm the house up to the max.

4. Make sure there is a little chocolate lying around.

5. Break out some new writing paper and pen the letter to friends that is way overdue.

6. Bake and cook a meal with extras for a family who is need.

7. Download a new book to start reading that will be good for your soul.

A Bonus Tip: Be kind to yourself and completely ignore or the house work that is screaming your name.

( Well this worked for me on Friday...I headed into the weekend feeling a little less funky)


  1. A perfect list of things to get you out of a funk, massages, chocolate, new stationery:) I hope you are feeling better now lovely. Have a beautiful day today. xxx

  2. Perfectly perfect list. Hope you are feeling better xx

  3. I LOVE it... all great choices for a lift me up! And can I just say... Mmmm Chocolate xx

  4. Glad that you've been feeling a little less funky. Dragging yourself out into the sunshine is another one. We only get small pockets of sun in our garden during the winter... I've been moving my chair around chasing it trying to catch it's rays. These past couple of days have provided some relief before we head into the next bout of rain.


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