Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear .....

To my love,

When we embarked on this journey called marriage, did we ever really imagine that it could be possible to be here 26 years later. Did we see this night, that dinner would be cooked by our teenage daughter eager to please?
This journey has had some big hurdles that we never imagined we would ever have to jump, some obstacles that tried their hardest to stop us in our tracks. The emotional  pathway has even been too tough to cope with at times.
But whether we saw any of it coming or not , we are here.  26 years later, armed with a lifetime of experiences, memories and  lots of glue that is still holding it all together.

That glue is the love you have for me and the love I have for you!  That love hasn't always oozed sweet and gooey but it is stronger than anything we have had thrown at us. I know that right now life is throwing more curve balls but the strength that has gotten us through before will be what helps us tackle these new challenges head on. 

All I know is that you are awesome...and as we head another year into this partnership we will do it together. The kids are watching us and they will know that we have something to be valued. That they are a big part of the fabric of this family we have created and although we probably never really put into words all those years ago what it would all look like.....
We are here and it looks like it does because we have made a commitment.

So my love...happy anniversary....and  here's to so many more memorable moments and embracing the unknown that is around the corner.

Love ya heaps

P.S Are you sure we can't head back to New Zealand and recreate the fun we had last anniversary?????


  1. Happy Anniversary sweetheart! xxxx

  2. Beautiful tribute. congratulations to you both and here's to many many more xx

  3. Just beautiful ... well done on 26 years

  4. happy, happy and joyful day to you both! Inspiring xxx

  5. Love and congratulations on 26 years !! !!
    We celebrated 15 this year.
    Such beautiful words . . . .

  6. is it really a year since you were in NZ? Gee that flew by! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Happy anniversary! Wishing you another lovely 26 years, and more, together.

  8. Happy happy anniversary to you both and for the many many more still to come. xxxx


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