Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ten On Ten - June 2014

The Tenth Day of June...I took ten photos 

An early start to drive my man to work...the day was dark and dirty...

A work day for me...a slow cooker meal today a must....

Supplies checked and double checked for the activity at playgroup today...

My little bad weather was going to deter his independence....

The play dough making by the families at playgroup today was a success

Soccer training straight after school...

It required me to sit on the sidelines and freeze today..

Gifted organic my mum's CWA cookbook.....equals pumpkin scones for supper.

Another month gone....joining in with Rebekah



  1. Ww've been using the slow cooker a bit at the moment- so helpful!
    Those pumpkin scones look good.

  2. Aw your mum's cook book what a treasure... What does CWA stand for? I have a couple of cook books that look like that one and I treasure them! I love organic fruits and veggies and that pumpkin looks really good! Happy Friday xx

  3. That cookbook looks so well loved, how beautiful. And looking at the playgroup supplies brings back so many memories of me running a playgroup when Ruby and Felix were really little! Those were hectic but lovely days! Great photos of your day Bron xx


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