Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Wedding anniversaries

* Anniversary dinners cooked by our teenager

* Semester showcases of work

* Afternoon tea served by my boy in his classroom

* A new baby born

* An opportunity to cook some food for that newborn"s family

* A volunteering opportunity that will take me way out of my comfort zone

* Unexpected meeting of old acquaintances

* Families who support each other

* Watching the mesmerised faces of my nieces

* A week closer to school holidays

* A long lazy sleep in to START the week

* Soccer wins

* Ballet parent days

* Finding a gift for a teen in the very first shop we enter

* Impromptu fishing for dad and son

#626 The invention of thermals and beanies to kit out a soccer mum


  1. Hope you're having another good week and the comfort zone grows xx

  2. Wedding anniversaries and daughters cooking for you to celebrate sound beautiful. Oh and newborns are so very beautiful too:) Sounds like a good week Bron. xxx


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