Friday, December 10, 2010


Late yesterday afternoon we had a call from Meg's teacher letting us know that she was receiving an award and would we like to attend the ceremony?(It was a secret from the students) We were a little puzzled as to what award because  the school had held all their award ceremonies at assemblies during the week.
So we arrived at school- lucky Derek was able to get off work early.
We discovered that the Year 6 teachers had decided amongst themselves that there were  a whole bunch more students who deserved to be recognised other than the formal awards they usually stick too.
So with their own initiative they held a Year 6 only ceremony. It was great , the kids encouraged each other and the teachers were able acknowledge students for a variety of achievements.
Having made the change at the start of the year from private schooling to our local school it was with a huge amount of pride that we saw Meg recieve this award from her teacher.
(Click to enlarge.)

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  1. Well done Meggy Moo. What a great writing on your award card.


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