Friday, March 26, 2010

The end of the week

Where did that week go?
It was only a few days ago I was miles away spending time with my little a whole week has gone by and I find myself at Friday.
My pact to myself was that Fridays needed to be a day to do something for me....or at least spend it doing something that I have control over...
So after a mad flurry of laundry room cleaning and decluttering I moved onto some "Treasure Bag" making.( just one of the many ideas that was born from creative brainstorming while staying with my sis)

These are great for collecting and carrying what else but "treasures" maybe on a Geocaching adventure or a beach trip. I have made some to add to my Bron's Creation Collection of goodies I hope to take to market some day!
But after all that sewing and a parent / teacher meeting squeezed in we headed to the beach for some splash,swim and run time.

They splashed and ran,Derek swam and I just enjoyed the watching of it all.

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