Saturday, July 31, 2010

They 're Here...

Introducing our Chooks......Mabel,Carla and Peck!
( I wasn't too sure about giving them names  but  the kids were keen. Guess which name Fraser chose!)
We went to the Poultry Farm and picked them up this morning...
They seemed to settle in really well and it has been a fascinating day watching them up close and personal.....
We decided to go with the Hy-Line breed....mainly because we could get the right age for laying this weekend.These are about 19 weeks old. It would have been fun to start with some baby chicks but after all the effort to get to this point we would like them to lay sooner than later..
They have been petted so much this afternoon I am sure they will be tame in no time at all...even Meg has decided that they are not too bad after all and that she is cured from her "bird phobia".

The other part to the backyard work going on was to have a second raised garden bed for that is how we spent some of the other part of the day ( the part when we weren't watching chooks)

Hopefully we have chosen well and will have a fine crop of "veggies" by the Spring months.
Here is today's cop of lemons from our tree that fruits all year round.
Well as the sun set we guided our chooks to their nightly resting spot and so far they have remained perched there.....overall a very satisfying and productive day.

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