Friday, July 16, 2010

Family and Food

We had a rare moment today ....Lunch with our siblings....we are really close both in relationship and proximity but with the busyness of life we rarely have moments where we can sit and enjoy each others company especially with 6 kids between us.
(Have I ever mentioned that my sister and I married brothers???)
Today we did....
Then in the evening it we were all together to celebrate this special lady's Mother-in-Law..
She is warm and embracing, passionate and dedicated and has created a wonderful thing that we call family.

I was on birthday cake duty.....I have wanted an occasion to try a cake that I tasted while in Tasmania visiting with my sister.
She had a beautiful friend who kindly shared this recipe with me so I thought you might like it also?

I shall call it ..
"Marketa's Cake"

300ml single cream
300g vanilla yoghurt (or sour cream)
2 tspns sugar
825g tinned sliced peaches
pkt of digestive biscuits

Beat cream until thickened, add sugar and yoghurt, mix well.
Drain peaches, saving juice in a bowl.
Using a springform baking tin...
Layer 1 - soak biscuits one by one in the juice and lay them in the bottom of the tin, making sure the whole base is covered with biscuit.
Layer 2 - A thin layer of the cream mixture.
Layer 3 - Lay tinned fruit over the cream layer.
Then repeat layers until you reach the top of the tin. The final layer should be a cream layer then you can decorate the top with whatever you like.
Then refrigerate overnight.

N.B You can use whatever fruit you like however it is easy just to use the juice of the tinned fruit.

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  1. Funny how life gets in the way sometimes. Glad you lot had a nice get together. PS. Love the china! Thanks for visiting my little blog. Nice to visit here too. Kim.


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