Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hidden Treasures

There has been much purging of "stuff" going on in our house.....when you have been in the same home for nearly twelve years there is a lot of "stuff" tucked away in every available space.
It is time to dig in and find the treasures and also rid the house of most of the ""stuff"
I found tucked away in a box along with some other mementos of my mum these really sweet and tiny toys.....I totally forgot I even had them.
Very tiny Little Red Riding Hood puzzle blocks.
A very tiny of those toys that you press from the bottom and make it go all floppy( I don't know the technical name)
...and this book that is in a fragile state....

..I know those eyes could frighten small children!

I remember asking mum when we were small, if we could take a look in the dark (as it has glow in the dark eyes) and she would always say "be careful it is fragile".
I googled it and found it was printed in 1930...I think it must have been old when my  mum got it.

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  1. Cool treaures Bron :) I have some great keepsakes from both sides of our grandparents and cherish them..although its all in a box (i am not one to display antiques and old stuff haha)


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