Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Friday

I had arranged to meet my sister for a coffee Hot Chocolate...after all she needed her mind taking off the fact that her fourth and last boy headed off to Kindy without too much sadness!!
So we checked out a little place that does very wicked  chocolate sweetness.... 

Once we finished lingering  we then parted ways because I was on a mission to get home...
I had a list of things to tackle and ended up settling on some new bedding for the dollies.
You see my " job" outside of the home involves amoung other things, running two large playgroup sessions. I absolutely love this and am looking forward to all the families returning next week to start the year.
But as the start date looms there is a huge amount of preparing ,setup and organising that needs to be done.
One of those was to gather some extra accessories for the home corner.
"Stash busting 101" was activated and I managed to put together a couple of sets of bedding including a couple of little mattresses....and a couple of doll blankets that just happen to have quilt pieced tops. I am in no way a quilter but have dabbled  a little, enough to have some pieces I could turn into a blanket ( not quilt).
Hopefully it will encourage some lovely playing when they arrive next week and also the children that we see on Sunday will benefit from the additions.
Well I am now off to start a new Friday afternoon routine and I am not sure how many km's in the car it will take me to do it. 

Have a nice weekend.


  1. Ooh I have been meaning that check out that very place!!

    Sounds like you have a very fun job..I am sure those treasures will get much use.

  2. Oh i never did play groups. Wish your sister well, my 4th is now in year 2, just makes him love me even more as we have 6 whole hours apart each day . . . when they go back to school, on, um, Tuesday. I love school holidays, my 4 are such a joy, not one single 'bored' uttered the entire time. How lovely to meet up with your sister, mine is 200km away, love Posie


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