Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Monday

Monday came....
Late rising out of bed opting not to go for my walk this morning
Lunches made and walked kids to school
Skype call with my youngest sister and two nieces in Tasmania 
Coffee date with my Hubbie
Attempted a half hearted search for an outfit for a wedding coming up
Fridge wiped and cleaned out in readiness for shopping
Food shopping done
Noodles bought for lunch
washing hung out
Floors vacuumed and mopped
Bathroom cleaned
Christmas lights boxed and removed out of the hallway
Walk to pick the kids up
Suck on another icy pole (lost count how many)
Continued to blow my nose (also lost count how many times today)
Dinner prep done
Neighbourhood kids in and out
Air conditioner going most of the day
....still need to bring in washing
still need to have family fed ,bathed and in bed ( me first!)
Oh I wish I was here .....snow on Mt Wellington in Feb! 16 degrees max!

Mt Wellington taken from my sisters deck...arrrrrrrrrrh
Not likely today or...tomorrow ...or the next day so for now just trying to keep cool anyway we can.

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  1. My, you have been busy. Isn't this heat just a tad too much, I am so over it...roll on winter :)


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