Monday, February 7, 2011

Lucky Me...

Not only did I get to indulge in a chocolate morning tea with my sister last I was able to take my man there for more yumminess..
You see I am very fortunate that my hubbie works a nine day fortnight and we have made it a priority to have coffee (for him) and chocolate (for me) on his Monday off. It is a lovely time to touch base and hash out anything we just have put aside during the busy week.
Now the children are back at school it is even more special ..during the holidays we just took the kids with us.
So today's conversations included brainstorming birthday present ideas for an up and coming 12th birthday!

So maybe now the secret is out at how good this little chocolateria is...go and try for your self if you live in our local area.
(Note: they are nation wide , find one near you .You won't be disappointed especially if you  order the Churros.)

"Better to have enjoyed and made a mess than to never have enjoyed at all!"

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  1. I still have not been....must pencil it into my diary :)

    Finding time with my man away from the kids is extremely hard but we do cherish the few precious moments we get...good on you for making it a priority


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