Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekly Snippets

Monday was the end of a long weekend here....we headed inland to a nearby dam... Love that we are still able to hang out together...

Remembering the days when there was so much more water flowing...

The little guy wasn't too happy about pics...moments before had quite the "stack" that left him suffering....

Why does everyone find it funny that I might be a little out of breath after a step climb....must do something about that!

The rest of the working week went by in a much going on ...decisions to be made, things to work out, uncertainty in abundance....that's why it is good to have a weekend with three extra little people in the house....

Especially when the decluttering has ramped up...
The girls helped me make peace with my wedding dress as I let it go....

How amazingly confronting seeing my daughter standing there in it....and an almost perfect fit....but we both know she won't wear it one day so we are all good about it and my wardrobe space has just increased hugely..

It was lovely having the nieces and nephew hang out for the weekend...the girls just loved spending time with their big girl cousin....even helped her part with a bunch of stuff clogging up her drawers...( hope my sister is good with all the goodies they took home)

Weekends come and go so fast...heading into another week....wondering what this one will have in store for each of us...


  1. Sounds like a productive week! X

  2. Aww lovely pics Bron, especially the wedding dress shots. Must have been difficult to let it go, but you're right, very few daughters ever wear their mothers gowns, but you'll always have the memories of the day you wore it :)

  3. Sounds like a good week! Hoorah for decluttering! Though the dress... amazing how it signifies such a particular passing of time xx

  4. Such memories in special things like wedding dresses. My sweet baby chose to find her own dress too.... She was so beautiful! xxx

  5. I've still got my wedding dress packed away in a box ... can't quite bring myself to part with it.
    Yours looks very Lady Di ... we did love our puffy sleeves back then :0)

  6. Oh Bron, your wedding dress! It looked beautiful and especially on your girl, what a moment that must have been. I love how committed you are to de-cluttering, why don't you head on over here and start on mine! xx

  7. Looks like a beautiful long weekend. I love a good declutter. I can only imagine how hard it would have been to part with your dress, good on you. I still have mine tucked up in the wardrobe where I never venture;) xxx

  8. good job giving up the dress.... bitter sweet just a little... but the choice is a good one! Looks like you had loads of fun!


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