Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thankful list

* Winter has been so kind to us ...sharing the most glorious of weather

* The most perfect husband ...who wants the very best for me.

* Hitting the confirm button on a family holiday that we don't have to wait too long for

* Friends who live in lovely places to holiday with

* New songs played on the radio that deliver a message for the moment

* Special birthdays that call for surprises and spontaneity

* A teen who is so responsible...and trusting

* Cuppa days with my sisters

* Having little people stay with us  over the weekend 

* Grandpas that love to watch grandsons play soccer

* Sharing  birthday's with other cousins

* Knowing that change forced upon us will look brighter down the track when the bigger picture is revealed

* The feeling of empty cupboards and full bins

* The cheering from the side of friends and family when you need it the most

#1126 Creating a gift from the abundance on my shelves...after such a dry spell

It has been too long since I added to my thankful list...I have let the heaviness of life get in the way....Just when I should have been "upping the anti" on counting my blessings I dropped the ball.
The whole reason to count my thankfuls is to remind myself of all that I have in abundance and shift my eyes from the things that seek to rob me of Joy.....
I know perspective will come with time....until then I must just keep making these lists.


  1. You can do it! If not for you sharing the book you read and then your journey of listing the gifts in your daily life I would not be where I am today! You gave me a gift by sharing and it has changed my perspective. It's helped me to make a daily decision to add positiveness into my life when on certain days I feel like crawling under a rock... It doesn't work every day and some are spent in my own little pity party but I've adjusted my attitude and that helps me pick myself back up when I'm down. Thank you for that Bron xxxxxx

  2. That's a good list... I understand how hard it is to write it though when you aren't in the right frame of mind.
    Good luck with it...

  3. I am happy for you that you have 're-discovered' your lists. So important to focus on it when times are hard but so hard to do. Hope you are all ok and hopefully soon things will seem brighter xx

  4. Thinking of you Bron! And you DO have a lot of blessings in your life. Xx

  5. Glad your managing to find so much to be thankful for, it's not always easy especially amongst times of change. Thinking of you all as you contemplate the journey ahead. A birthday to celebrate in house also I understand , happy birthday to Derek.

  6. Awesome things to be thankful for Bron, a family holiday sounds idyllic, definitely something to look forward to :)


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