Saturday, June 13, 2015

Just do it....

I am serious about making our family footprint lighter....well I am starting with me and hope that it catches on the the rest ...

After the fun we had last weekend with both Meg and my little nieces trying on my wedding dress and a couple of other dresses from the 80' was time to make peace with them and then move them on..... 

So on I went to the local costume hire store.....and donated them to add to their lovely collection of 80's memorabilia....I did leave feeling lighter and had the loveliest conversation with the store fulfilled it's purpose and now 27 years later it can find a new lease on life.

From there it was off to the op shop to leave a "boot load" of goodies collected from around our home....

and to finish of my mission I left a huge pile of books at my local library for them to either  shelve or sell for gold coin donations.

My sisters popped in for a cuppa on Friday morning and wondered if I was making a dent.....yes if you look in cupboards and the tops of wardrobes......slowly but surely....I have intentions and I am persisting at making them good ones that make a difference.


  1. You are getting there Bron! Don't stop! X

  2. Woohoo! I admire you Bron. You must be influencing me too, I cleaned out my pantry today! I was ruthless. xx

  3. It feels good I bet! Keep it up!


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