Saturday, May 21, 2016

Where have I been? 14 Random Happenings

I have been missing in action and have hesitated about popping up here with not too much to say...but I have been prompted this week to think about why I have this space and it was to originally keep a record of family for our benefit and anyone who may still be hanging in there here goes....

* I have been trying to keep up my appearances at The Make A Wish shop as it is a place that really makes me slow down and enjoy doing the little things....or just helping in its purest from...We had the official opening of the store and it is nice to see it is on the map a little larger than it was.

* The week by week routine is all over the place as I have had more work offered than I can accept. The hardest part of being a relief teacher is being able to say no and not feel that I have let people down...I am so thankful for the offers and am really enjoying the variety and different challenges each day. I have also begun building some relationships in the two main schools I am teaching in.

* There was a little dabble into hairdressing......ending badly. Well not quite but after the insistence of my girl wanting her hair a  little shorter and me insisting that it was not high on my skill set.....well lets just say she will never insist again.

* I had the opportunity of being apart of our new church's "Solo mums pamper morning" - I popped up my head to help in the kids department ( which is where I am most comfortable) only to find they had enough help and  needed help on the foot spa station! Oh my who would have thought I would have such a lovely was very humbling to spend a few minuted chatting and loving on a complete strangers  the day before Mothers Day.

* Hmmm Mothers Day....I really tried hard this year to prepare myself for the day....I spent some time leading up thinking and getting my head right.....unfortunately I didn't do enough and found that I just ran right out of emotional reserves.....FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!
I struggle with the external expectations placed on me for this day...and some years it just sneaks up on me and double whammies me...Mum and my big girl....So lets just say that we are done for another year and the love my family bestows on me is far better received on any other given day.

* We have had some specialist appointments thrown in for our boy as we tackle a little annoying tongue issue that we will have sorted in a couple of weeks.

* We have met with another bunch of specialist to tackle another annoying family oddity that we may have potentially passed onto our kids....just a little issue with anesthetics and so that will be tackled in the next few months starting with our girl.

* I have managed only one or two coffee catchups with those who can add to my life and keep things a little saner.   Unfortunately the abundance of work offers, interferes with this thing I love to do....
I did sneak a coffee date with my hubby on his way home form work...rendezvousing at a coffee shop halfway home.

* Both the kids have been working on the opportunities for next year. A high school specialist programme workshop day this week and audition tapes to prepare for the dancer to prepare over the next month.

* I have attend a funeral to farewell a lady who was not only a good friend's mum when I was growing up but who had a huge influence on my life during my tween and teenage years....Wow to live 81 years and influence so many with your simple daily life.

* This week I had a husband who came off  his bike as he cycled home from work..A touch from a car coming around a corner with him ...the bruising, road rash and mental shakeup has been at the forefront this week. . I am so thankful that he was not any more badly injured. Also that my sister was at our beck and call to dress and give good advice about the wounds.....eeek did I mention I am a teacher not a nurse!!

* Today we have had a storm front through that cancelled soccer and bought down huge branches of our gum tree in the garden....what a mess.....again so thankful that the winds picked them up and took them away from the house....must ring the tree surgeon on Monday for a cleanup plan.

* Oh so today no soccer...big winds....lots of rain.....what was one to do but stay in PJ's and read in bed.....well for a good part of it anyway until they all cried foul that the shopping hadn't been done and the cupboards were was at that moment that I could see no reason not to eat cereal for lunch and possibly dinner also.....
No I got out of my Pj's and dragged the injured one with me to do the dreaded groundhog day shopping ....So I am pleased to report we will not in fact be eating cereal for dinner.

* Did I mention that I have been sorry of course I did....just not sure I am cut out for full time work....I struggle to keep up with all the school notes, meal planning, housework and the myriad of other little things that need my attention.

Anyways... Little longer than I thought it would be but that is life in a "nutshell"

Now I really ought to go and pay some visits to some of my favoutie bloggers and say hi. 

But first ....dinner to prepare for the family and extras. xxxxx

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Weekend for the fit.....

This past weekend was all about the sporty types in our family { Sadly I dont get to be at dance class otherwise I could add Meg in here too}

It was the opening game for the soccer season.....a cool early morning was perfect for a team of 10/11 year olds raring to go.

We headed straight down the highway south after the game to prepare for the 1/2 ironman to be held on Sunday morning.

Again a very grey day that provided perfect race conditions for both athletes and spectators.  After overcoming a last minute dash to the transition setup, our ironman was off and swimming......then cycling.....then running.

This is number 13 for him and you would think we would have it all down pat...the watching and supporting thing! For some reason he doesn't recall spotting us at all  and we lost him on the run....
Word got to us that he had problems with his hip and knowing that he was a little undertrained going in, jumped to the conclusion that his race must have been over .
I waited.....then decided he would make contact when he could. We cheered his brother over the line and just waited.....

But somehow we missed him out there and he successfully ran across the finish line thinking that we must have had dramas that kept us from the sidelines!!!!

Anyways never a dull moment.....all finished well and we are super proud of him once more.....  
 Even more so that he was able to pull up for work the next morning like a trooper!

So I am adding to my thankful list....

* The soccer season kicking off
* Perfect race conditions
* A weekend to hang with my sister as we cheer from the sidelines
* No rain despite it being very close
* The sun appearing  as the day progressed

#1295 A solid finish for our 13 time ironman

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Our week on the farm

The school holidays ended today...schools in tomorrow for another ten weeks....

Fraser and I headed to the farm with friends for our last week of the holidays....

There we discovered...

Peace and quiet, all bar the deep mooing of the bull..... 

The fun of hanging out with a friend....

The intricacies of being on a farm during calving season....

How nice it was having the opportunity to have hands on with the locals..

Collectible roadside finds that stretch the imagination....

The most friendly and welcoming of farm folk....

That technology still had a little place out in the fresh country air...

The beauty of uninterrupted sunset watching....

The tricks employed to join an orphaned baby with a baby less mumma....

That cows have the biggest eyes to stare you down......

The most spectacular views only found in the big open spaces of the country...

Quirky little gems in the middle of the  town ....

Being up close and personal and discovering that it was really fun....

Taking time to discover even the smallest beauty..

Exploring hidden gems with loads of history...

A little kid fun in a neighboring bigger town thrown in for good measure .....

It was such a  great week spent with great has set us up for heading back to school.....
The weather has turned a bit bleak  out the doors we must all head tomorrow...

Here's to a happy Term Two.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

This week...

First week of school holidays done....we have had a mixed bag of weather and it appears to be going to continue into this second week also.

Some of the things I am thankful for this past week are.

* Movies on the couch with my boy.

* Movies at the cinema with friends...and very interesting conversations to go with it.

* A dreaded dentist appointment done and not as painful on the purse as I thought.

* A quiet home alone day to recover from the dentist visit.

* Coffee catch ups with friends

* Back to my morning with "Make a Wish" and having my boy tag along was fun.

* Fun play catch ups at the adventure park with cousins which meant sitting and chatting with my sisters.

* A phone call that booked my first day of work for next term

* Chickens that insist on being at the back door to be let in the house. All is Ok 'cause they have been laying plenty of yummy eggs.

* Those same chickens following you around when you are outside like little puppy dogs.

* Finishing two good books,

* An afternoon of baking in preparation for a little getaway for two of us this week.

* The steady fall of rain that made for a gloomy day...perfect for cooking up a storm. 

#1288  The suggestion from my boy that I please take my camera and take pictures this coming week so I can make a photo book of our week. I said only if there was fun for me to photograph and not full of technology playing....."of course mum I plan on doing lots of exploring!. "

Have a great week coming... I am offline for most of the week on a little farm stay with my little guy and some friends.

My growing list of thankfuls 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Informed decision

I took our 11 year old son and his mate to the movies today.
We made a deal that they could either have overpriced popcorn and soft drink in the movies or I would buy lunch after the movie....his choice.

He decided on lunch after wards.....

We watched the movie and then I needed to take a call just before we returned to the car. So I left the lunch venue choice up to the two boys.....

This is the conversation that resulted.....

So boys where are we headed?
Hungry Jacks
Ok ...why did  you choose that place.....( to be fair I had made the choice narrower between McDonalds and Hungry Jacks) 
Well because they have no added hormones and they have a new type of chip!

Oh that is a well thought out choice I said.....

The friend turned to my boy and said....what are hormones again?
At this point I tried not to chuckle out loud...

My boy responded with know....there are all sorts the ones that help you grow...

His friend now enlightened  seemed happy with that explanation ....

We proceeded to their choice of venue to "enjoy "lunch. 
  Wow the power of advertising was just underlined for me in that moment.

Please don't judge me for the choices in lunch....sometimes you just have to do it and oh by the way their chips are rather tasty!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Last Week

Oops...what happened to last week??? Oh that's right full time working that's what!
I was doing so well until about Wednesday,  then the wheels kinda fell off....It is so long since I have worked full time and two weeks of it was a complete shock to the system.
So the camera didn't come out just a few snaps on my phone camera.....

But some great things to be thankful for.... 

*Totally thankful for two weeks of work almost all of it in the same sweet class of year 3's at the school I am able to walk to and from each day.

* Extra count on my steps too as the class was doing daily swim lessons that required us to walk to and from the pools.

* Great staff at the school to guide me and help me really gain my confidence back in the classroom

* The energy to get up and get those exercises done in the morning....catching glimpses of the sunrise over our back fence.

* Early to bed times to try and stay on top of it all.

* New soccer boots.....exactly the ones he wanted...under budget and on the shelf.

* A new soccer season with a really great coach and great team mates.

* New shoes for me and half price at the checkout.

* The first of a few kid sleepovers for the holidays

* Lunch out to celebrate family members

* Accommodation booked for an upcoming weekend away and bonus upgrade without the cost.

* A cool start to the school holidays....thundery storms and broody skies

* A quick friends catch up just on sunset to end the week.

#1274 School holidays.....for all but one of us.....we will be sure to be extra kind to that one who is working hard for us all. 

My complete list of thankfuls is ever important to see the blessings that are given every day.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

This week...thankfuls

Another week full to the many things to look for amoungst the busy times...things to be thankful for.

* An out of control pumpkin vine....that at last count has 6 pumpkins growing on it and I dont think it has finished making more.

* Learning new skills....clipping the chooks wings so they can enjoy being free range more.

* Capable daughters who only needed cheering on from the sidelines.

* Coffee dates with the boy to find out about his trial day at High School.

* New experiences and the preparation for the big day that produced much joy and excitment.

* Autumn days that are filled with sunshine and blue skies.

* Completing the daunting task of application forms for opportunities next year.

* A week of work at a school close enough to walk.....and the blessing of another full week coming in the same school and class of delightful Year 3's

* Hitting the four week mark of pushing myself physically and seeing some results...enough to spur me on for another month.

* A couple of spontaneous coffee dates with my man...squeezed in after work.

#1261 Friends......oh the power of friends in your life.

Last week of the school term ahead of us.....a full week of work for us all.....thankful in anticipation for all that is coming our way.

Have a great one. x 

My growing list of thankfuls here.



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