Sunday, August 17, 2014


Him: The only part of cleaning the car that he will do willingly.

Her: The 40 hour famine weekend.....she made it.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

32/52...a week behind

Him: You know it is nearly Spring when the paint brushes and ice cream comes together.

Her: Yet another creation of hers...this time a colorful Kimono top.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cure Brain Cancer

It is too late for our Taylor.....

but  it doesn't have to be too late for other children.......

The awareness is being has to be....the statistics show that Brain cancer kills more children then any other disease......

We have some true champions for the cause....some of the most skilled and best in the field....the thing stopping them changing the statistics....

Awareness and funding!!!

So here check out the petition that you can sign

Listen to this heart breaking story.....

If you can share, talk or give.......please needs to change.

Thursday Thankful List

* A "conga line" of pelicans flying over head - spectacular

* Hair cut favourite

* Being in the right place at the right time to give a hug and reassuring words

* Seeing those who are heavy burdened leave playgroup smiling and lighter

* Time chatting on the phone that was long overdue to a dear friend

* The airplay that a cause near to us is having on the airwaves and among our community

* The opportunity to help out family

* New growth and colour in the garden

* Encouraging friends

* The ease of a problem solved with one phone call

* Newborn baby cuddles

* Reassuring cuddles in the night

#708 Sunny drying washing days

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Ten on Ten for August

After kick starting the day we spent the morning at is way to frenetic to snap pictures so here's the rest of the afternoon...we had such a spectacular Spring day......

* Blitzing has become the norm for everyone in this house....we all start the day with our own combinations

* Lucky there was some quiche left over for lunch today.

* A new addition to the garden ...maybe some added motivation for the real ones been dusted off

* Will the limes actually fruit...lets hope so..

* I wasn't the only one enjoying the sun

* The chickens have been repositioned for the ready of Spring

* Musing over how to get our broccoli much more productive...

* and why the cabbages look good but are not that full either...

* My boy saw this and knew it was perfect for our garden...

* Shame these are weeds.....they are always so whimsical and fairy like...

So that was a day in August.....joining in with Rebekah for another Ten on Ten

Friday, August 8, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* The appearance of Spring for two whole days

* The most spectacular foggy morning on the not so spring like day

* The amount of green veggies and fruit everyone has eaten this week thanks to a new gadget.

* The independence of our 9 year old to blitz his own green shake concoctions

* People who are beaming with ideas...and are keen to make them happen

* Warm beds and home days to soothe when nasty bugs attack.

* Dirty knees - the mark of a good soccer match

* Cups of Tea dates with sisters

* A motivated teen on a DIY  "rampage"

* Seeing our "junk" being picked up by hopeful recyclers instead of heading to landfill

* A safe street for riding kids

* Secret nighttime flower drops on a friend's doorstep

* Warm fresh baked muffins for a new neighbor

* A full fridge and pantry at the completion of shopping day

* Hearing the school siren from my kitchen knowing the little guy is so close to home.

* The abundance of clever people sharing their how-to's on the web. 

#695 An opportunity to see our teen dance in front of her peers.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Welcome to the street..

I did something that was strangely out of my comfort zone yet something I felt compelled to do......

Bake some muffins and take them warm over to the new family that moved in next door to us.

Since when has welcoming someone new into the neighborhood become such a hard thing to do....I had so many what if's...
what if they had food allergies, what if they were suspicious of my intentions, what if they just thought I was plain overly nosey......

Well gladly acting on my compulsion to just be an old fashioned neighbor,  I met with none of the above what if's......instead I  met the loveliest of ladies, met her 9 month old and found out that they were even keen to have a ready made babysitter living next door ( score for Meg) .

I knew that if I didn't pop over briefly in the first few days it could become awkward to make the move.

Have you ever wandered over with home baked goodies to welcome a neighbour....was it a good experience?

I should share my very quick and delicious muffin recipe with you just in case the need ever arises to share them with your neighbours.

 2 cups of self raising flour
3/4 cup of sugar
3/4 cup of milk
1/2 cup of oil
1 tsp of vanilla Essence
2 eggs
1 cup of choc chips
1 cup of frozen berries

Mix dry ingredients together
Mix wet ingredients together

Mix wet and dry together

Bake in oven for approx 15 mins

Monday, August 4, 2014


Him: A boys natural environment should be outside

Her: Finding her foraging in our wardrobe more and more...and not just for her mums clothes either.!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Things that have been inspiring me.....

Now this would be cool to give a go

I showed this at Kids Church last week.......

and this one

Thursday Thankful List

* An excited teen heading off to creative arts camp

* Coffee dates with friends

* New undercover washing line for wet day drying

* Thoughtful apologies and promises from a nine year old

* The joy of the teen receiving accolades from her teachers

* The generosity of that same teen to share the limelight

* The most lovely of families I meet with weekly

* The accessibility to good fresh produce

* Soccer games resuming.

* Fresh hot muffins to welcome new neighbours

* Time in bed to rest from illness ( "campitis" catching up on the teen)

* Family devotions to encourage and teach

* A sunny weekend forecast

* Cool beanies to cover up some healing

* The independence that the little guy is showing

* Quiet Fridays home

#678 Friends joining in with my Thankful lists- Go over and say hello to Kel who has some awesome thankful things on her lists.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tie Dye Fun

During the school holidays our teen set about adding another t-shirt design to her wardrobe....she had been very keen to use her Tye Dye kit she received as a gift......

I love watching her go to work....she always knows what she wants the outcomes to look like......and is very meticulous with the process..... 

This kid was born in the wrong era.....I am seeing the cycle of fashion come cycling right through my teen....

I am joining in this week with  Show and Tell

Monday, July 28, 2014

Grey is my New.......

Hmmmmm ...Black...Brown.....whatever my natural colour was

Yes I have made the decision to go al-nautral.....

I have been playing with my hair most of my life...I had periods of time where I didn't have colour but then the grey started to sneak in...I coloured it once about 5 years ago and that was it I was hooked.....had to keep up with the re growth every 6 weeks or so......

I am not sure if it is laziness or the strong curiosity that has won over now.....  

Maybe it is all the signs popping up that have urged me on......I read this a week ago....then just on the weekend I read this one.....

I think I can do it.....

I surveyed my family.....1 for 
                                      1 against and
                                       1 thinks "I look great whatever I do " (thanks honey)

So here goes .......

I do have a box of dye in the bathroom cupboard just in case I weaken any time soon......or I look in the mirror and feel way too much like my mum...she was gorgeous but you know it can be hard to accept the aging process at any age.

Vane moment over.....for

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Him: Even in Winter a little "beachy" sun brings out the mass of cute freckles

Her: A new t-shirt design in the making

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

This week on my list I could be thankful for.....

* Our fabulous beach getaway last week

* Sisters who help with school holiday babysitting

* The winter sun

* Promising news on the bread winners job front

* A smooth transition back to school this week

* A surprise catchup with a friend who's in town

* The gift of a washing machine that is reliable 

But with the unfathomable news this week and the tragedy that has wrought families in our country and others far a field.....

We have lost a child...we know the pain that it brings.....but to lose your whole family...multiple loved ones in an instant....children, a parent.....

I feel my thankful list should only include.....

.....that my family is here safe and sound under our roof...altogether. That I can tuck my children into bed tonight and curl up next to the one I love.........

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sometimes the best fun costs very little....

To end the school holidays we had a little escape....sadly we left the man of the house home to work...but our fun came at little cost because we all know that the best things in life are free ...right???
A little beach side living...simple, basic , technology free and right on the beach...... 

Shoes were abandoned right from the start....did I mention this is our blessed were we....

 Clothes that hindered were even modified for comfort....

modifications allowed the wearer to run free and fast....

Anything found lying around was fair game...especially if it was useful for digging giant sized holes ...

The bigger ones of us did venture off the verandah a couple of on though...
There was some time needed for drying out in the sunshine and refueling for more play...

New friends were gathered and drawn into the games created....

Energy was a plenty which meant sleep came easy...

There was plenty of time to finish a book...

Drink lots of tea and a spot of knitting in the sunshine that was a plenty...

Cousins enjoyed each other company...

We did venture away from our sanctuary...for a little spot of sight seeing.....

But actually everyone was more than happy just to be by the ocean till the sun went down and the wet clothes became a little cold...and the bellies began to rumble...

But not before the mummies did some playing with the cameras at the most spectacular sun setting moments...

When fun is involved kids are so obliging....

 It is little getaways like this that create the biggest memories.....

There is one question that may be niggling you though.....what does a non knitter knit in just a few days.... no fancy patterns or projects just the need to sit in the sun and practice something rhythmic......and the desire to leave a little joy in a place that gave us so much......


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