Monday, November 17, 2014


Him : Some backyard play with his cousin

Her: Giving her Aunty a little time out and babysitting her 5 younger cousins

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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Dirt Dilemma

I have a dilemma in my home.....

Due to the age gap of 6 years between our two children it means they are worlds apart in their "play needs"......

So our 9 year old son loves his gadgets....easy cause he can play solo...right?

Well knowing what I know about children I know that this is not good for his well rounded being to spend so much time indoors, so I take opportunities...most times get him out and about.

So last weekend he had his 9 year old cousin stay for the night...he too likes gadgets and playing technology games....I let them play for a while then I hassled them outside to enjoy our garden and the blue skies of the outdoors.....

I was feeling quite proud of myself as I encouraged them to have some creative ,hands dirty pursuits........ 


I know......they gain so much from being outside and interacting with each other and nature......

but is so much easier to have them on a gadget and far less taxing on me!!!!

{I need you to know I am not really a clean freak and would take dirty floors over a kid in front of the TV any day}

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ten On Ten- Novemeber

Our Day...

* The birds are loving their own personal bath in our waterfall

* We were woken early by thunderstorms and dark gloomy sky, a shock after the 37.7 C day yesterday

*The change in weather meant the clothes were back under cover.

*The pumpkin that has sneakily grown is loving the weather.

* Some roses came inside to brighten those who spied them

* And some were just to beautiful to bring inside

* November is proving to be a busy one for our teen

* It was a day off for me and the mister so after our coffee date I did find time to indulge in some reading

* Some preparation for the week's playgroup was needed...Christmas crafting!!

* Basketball is the new outside obsession in our house with the little guy. 

Monday's with my mister are the best......

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Thankful List

* A warm tasty dinner waiting for me when I get home late

* The tears shed with a friend

* The opportunity to pray with that friend in her need

* The stamina of a teenage daughter

* Awesome results from studying hard

* The arrival in bed of two extra during an early morning thunderstorm

* Listening to the conversations of technically savvy tweens

* Impromptu sleepovers and play mornings

* On time finishing ballet classes

* The most yellow of roses in our garden

* The spectacle of birds taking a bath in the the running water of our pond

* The birds singing in the early morning despite the rolling thunder

* The coming together of end of year celebration planning

* Tax returns hitting the bank

* Laughter even in the most solemn of situations

*Sharing a special book with a friend

* The once a fortnight day spent alone with my husband

* The fun of trading on gumtree

#854 The helpfulness of the GPS to guide me to a new place.

My other lists are here...why not start your own...let me know if you do.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Him: A moment captured with his dad

Her: A little sneak peek  dress rehearsal for her mumma

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


 You know those mornings when everyone is moving at a good pace....all on target for getting out of the house on time....then one chore was remembered right at the time we should have been going out of the door....

Has anyone checked the chickens and bought in the eggs???

The three chickens we have are quite feisty....excitable and a bit pushy.....

The had their escape plan all mapped out ...just waiting for the right moment when one would give the signal.......

 Fraser was the recipient of a plan almost perfectly of the three made the leap.....leaving the other two most unhappy that they remained on the inside...

Now all our margin was gone.....running around the yard trying to capture said escapee....finally a call to the head of our house to check it would be OK to leave her roam free for the day because ...well frankly ...I didn't want to waste anymore time.....

So she spent the day I am sure at the base of the coop wanting in and her companions wishing they were out.....

We all returned home to find her still there.....that was until the master chook wrangler worked his magic and we were able to reunite them all.

Arrggg I think the eggs will now be collected at the end of the day in future.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

Maybe this just needs to be called a Thankful List...I am not making the Thursday deadline   ...

* The last wave before my boy disapears on his bike to school

* Cheap bottles of wine

* Tutu wearing teens

* Spare house keys for when mama is running late

* Still balmy nights

* Friends from the street to frog hunt with 

* Sisters with extra large storage space to borrow

* Lazy morning starts

* Passed studied for tests

* Searches on the web for a new pet

* Seeing a brother win over his sister in their choice of pet

* The banding together against parents over the pet "getting"

* Fully cooked breakfasts served right at our kitchen table by the man of the house

* Another month closer to paying off the "braces"

* Tax done! 

* The smell of gardenias

* Birthday morning tea with my two favourite sisters.

* Days off with my husband

#835 Sleep overs with cousins

My other lists are here......join in if you want.......

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Him : Frog hunting with a friend in the front yard

Her : What can I say....not always demure!

My 52 weeks project

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The day I found myself in the bottle shop

I am as far away from a connoisseur of fine wines as you can get.....

I was the child in my family that screwed their nose up at even the smell of a glass of wine

The few sips I have ever had.....all taste the same...I have no palette for alcohol of any sort.....

Bottle shops leave me totally confused 

So when Meg came home and said she needed a bottle of wine for ballet....what the??

" Don't worry mum I have a picture of the bottle I need"

So in we went...we must have totally looked like we didn't know what we were doing because the girl in the shop spotted us and asked if we were after the "dancing bottle"

She pointed it out and we purchased the cheap bottle of wine and headed home giggling....

She is rehearsing a Hungarian style dance where she will dance with a bottle on her head!!!!

Apparently the contents were less than ordinary and ended up down the hopefully she manages to perfect the art of dancing with a glass bottle on her head and we  won't have to head back to the bottle shop....

I'll keep you posted.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Him: Found a fellow in need at Madame Tussauds

Her: Tapping into her inner rock star at Madame Tussauds

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thank are very kind

It is always an emotional week in our lives

Thank you for the sweet messages, cards, emails , texts and thoughts sent our way.

Your love means a lot.


Thankful for....holidays

Do you know sometimes the best holidays are those that are under-planned and under-scheduled....
We did that desperate need of a getaway ...we took the kids across to the  other side of this great big country of ours......

We didn't have too many plans.....and not too many days....
What we did know was we were going to...

Hang out with some dear friends we haven't seen for over five years

We drank lots of tea and chatted till late in the night.....

we loved re-introducing the kids and letting them here the stories of when we first met....

We spent time hanging out together as a family......revisited the beach that gave us the inspiration for our boy's name....

Each of us had a means of recording the trip....a gadget that captured what each of us saw...
We saw the major icons too....they never fail to have the wow factor....

It was the break we all can get busy...full of routines....leaving little time just to be.....having no real schedule helped us to just..... be........

We were nurtured by friends......given the space to breath and relax just a little more than usual....
 There were some funny moments......

 ...and some cheeky ones....
 ( I just couldn't walk any more)

Your eyes are always open to the new and interesting when you are exploring a new place...

 And you would never believe the people we bumped into on our travels......

 Loved our trip to  Madame Tussauds
Hey who am I kidding...we loved our whole time there......just wasn't long enough

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Biggest Number Yet

I read this just last week.....

"Time has done that strange thing it does, where the wound closes just enough to allow you to live, but never enough not to leave a scar"  ***

We have lived ten years without our beautiful is a really huge number.......

it is a decade
nearly the lifetime of our boy
it has taken us from our late thirties to our late forties......

I am sure that she has seen us living

Seen our hearts breaking

Seen us miss her every day

Heard us talk about her and tell her siblings the stories we never want them to forget.

Yes.... Ten is huge........ 

*** source

Monday, October 20, 2014


Him: We took him back to the place that was the inspiration for his naming.

Her: Could this be the place where she will one day make her fame ?

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Saturday, October 11, 2014


Him: An invitation to go on an outing for the day with his cousins....they swam in the Lake for was freezing

Her: Indulging her younger cousins with a little pretty makeup.

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