Monday, September 12, 2011

The Alarm Clock

While out on the look for Father's Day presents the other weekend, we stumbled across a Typo Shop......lured in by all the lovely things to look at ,we spyed an Alarm Clock.

Now we have had a digital CD playing Alarm clock for ages by our bed....but it was so bright it lit up the whole room besides I am also a little "thingy" about electrical devices so close to the head while sleeping....
Anyway I found this "McFly Alarm" clock in Typo and thought it the perfect substitute for our digital one.

Why not gift dad with it ( along with other wanted gifts of course)
It was well received and we moved the old one into the little guys room so he could listen to Cd's at bedtime.

The batteries were placed in it, the time set and more importantly the alarm set.
Monday morning came and  we were so RUDELY awaken by the most horrendous alarm ...

we both almost had  massive heart attacks as we struggled  to silence it....

So a word to the wise:

Try out the alarm first to check it's suitability of going off in the early hours of the morning 
know how to turn off an alarm while fully awake so as to know how to do it when half asleep!!

(We have kept it as a time keeper due to the fact that the little guy won't let us have our old one back!)


  1. So funny! I also have a vintage alarm clock that could wake the day. Obviously they didn't believe in a gentle wake up call in years gone by...

  2. Bahaha that's funny!
    And now a message from Hannah:
    Hhgff hh fdszzass

  3. We need one of those but now I think I will take your advice and shop around. I'm a bit tired of using my mobile for an alarm. I guess we will have a very life-like alarm clock very soon though - right! :)

  4. Hi there..
    I have bought this mc fly clock and am really unsure on how to set the alarm? Any tips?


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