Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I made my first bag to give as a present 3 1/2 years ago.
Since then I have made so many different projects either given them away for gifts or I have been fortunate enough that people have actually wanted to buy 
A Bron Creation.
I started with a basic custom printed iron on label that has served me well....

I have wanted to try some sew on labels but have been "bamboozled "as to where to begin looking.

After completely running out of labels I decided to just go for it and take my chances on Etsy....

These arrived yesterday ....

I am really pleased with them...simple and clear....and a great price which  is important especially when you are running a bit blind on what the product will look like.

So I got my labels from here.
Now to get and attach them to all my label -less " Bron Creations".


  1. Oh Bron, they are just perfect!!


  2. They are lovely - simple and elegant. Now you will just have to think about label placement ;-)


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