Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mummy Duties

Fridays are my day off from paid work.....
my goal for the day is to spend it doing something for "refill the tank".

But each week I do give up a little of the day to be parent helper in Fraser's Year One class.
I don't mind what the teacher gets me to do because the aim really is to share the time with Fraser.
He is very keen to have me come in and just be...I think it makes him feel who am I to deny him that?

But this Friday I not only went into Year One but was asked to go in to Meg's Year Seven class and help with their craft class......

I can't believe that Meg is in Year Seven already and in only a month or so  the end of primary school will be here.
Which means  no parent help at high school I am guessing....

So I joined in, rather than help, as it was Meg who showed me how to make the "sculpey dragons" for the school's mini fete this coming Friday.

After some hesitation  ( I am much more comfortable behind my sewing machine) I added two dragons to be sold at the fete....

...and I didn't manage to embarrass Meg in front of her friends..

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  1. High school will be a whole new ball game for you. I used to do tuckshop duty at high classroom stuff though.


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