Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Cheeky Response

A while back a blogging friend also a "real life friend" put out a cheeky ask for some quilt blocks to be made for her birthday quilt....

I have been so lagging in keeping up my promise of a "block" to add to the request.
Sunday's are a busy day for us as a family but I have managed to sneak a couple of hours in the afternoon to finish this task......

Hopefully it will fit the request and become a nice part of the finished product.


  1. Thanks Bron I love it!
    And I was sad to miss you again this morning. Spent the morning at the doctors instead. This infection seems to be a very stubborn one :(
    So thanks for making my day!!

  2. Are you addicted? I added the last few strips to mine on Friday and have already started another to make as a cushion :)



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