Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend snippets

This weekend....

Tour de France Google

: Through the gate and some catch up sewing awaited me.....

: The said catchup sewing session saw me whip up a new dress

: It's that time of the year again where the candle burns with late night watching..

: Not the most nutritious lunch but a weak moment gave in to the request of the kiddies...

: Some self designed soccer practice in the front garden

: Just because it was such a stunningly warm winter day

: One of us is leaving the house before the other.

Last week of Term Two here ...a busy week ahead....down one family member...but no doubt it will fly just as fast as all the others have....

Hope you are in for a good one.

Joining in with Em 


  1. Wasn't the weekend just glorious, particularly Saturday!

    Hope you have a good last week of term, I am hanging for these holidays!

  2. Lovely images - and I could just eat a chip x

  3. Lovely images - and I could just eat a chip x

  4. Loving that dress (and the bit of necklace I can see) Love the winter sunshine making an appearance, it just adds such a beautiful glow to your pics.

  5. Beautiful dress Bron, love the colours. You've inspired me to get out the Bernina this week! Although I don't do clothes, I leave that to the experts like yourself! Have a lovely week xx


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