Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A question for you....

Excuse the poor photo but I was wondering if you would play a little game with me????

Do you know what the following gadget is used for?

Lets make it a multiple choice question...

Is it ..

A)  an medical instrument used in obstetrics?

B) a fancy cake testing tool

C)  a sewers best friend when needing to turn straps or handles inside out.......

Am I the only one who hadn't seen one of  these before?.....if only I had found one before. It could have saved me hours on all those bags I have made over the years.

I got mine at Spotlight it is called a "loop turner" or the fancy name a "rouleau"

Thanks Jody .....Friday sewing enlightens me in so many ways.


  1. looks very intriguing!! Must find out how they work :)

  2. I have one that I inherited from my grandmother a few years ago. I have never used it yet but it looks like it's is a great tool!


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