Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Dr Charlie

                   .......   Well that how I always see him.....Dr Charlie Teo holds a special place in our hearts....whenever I see him in the media I am transfixed with what he is up to .

This aired on the TV last night...thanks to my sister for giving me the heads up.

A new passion and a beautiful story.......



  1. Wow... What a great story Thank you for sharing it

  2. Yes it was a wonderful show about him, wasn't it? It is lovely to see him helping out when he is just so busy himself.

  3. wasn't that wonderful to see a man with such an intense job, achieving his sense of self and finding a passion outside of his very demanding and valuable work. Lovely human being - we are so very blessed to have this man walk the earth.

  4. That's awesome! He seems like such a wonderful man xxxxxxxxxx

  5. I saw this & thought of you! :-) Hugs...


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