Friday, August 2, 2013

My Creative Space

I am in production line mode at the moment...nothing terribly creative but all for a good cause none the less.....

So lots of scarf cutting.... 

Turning upholstery swatches into pencil cases.....

Encouraging the knitting of tiny teddies....

and converting large pieces of fabric into simple library bags....

All this hopefully finished by the end of the month....

All 100 of each is needed.....

you could get involved on a smaller scale ...just check out how here.....

Joining in with Show and Tell again this week. 


  1. A very worthwhile project and use of time!

  2. wowee, I've never thought of making things for the OCC shoeboxes! And 100 woah!

  3. visiting your link via show and tell. Wow that is a huge amount of work - I fill one but you are doing 100!!!

  4. lovely reason to be busy!xx

  5. Production mode can be fun sometimes... good luck with it all :)

  6. So many!! you guys will be so busy but what a wonderful thing to do x

  7. I love that you are making all these things for the shoe boxes. My kids have done boxes for a child their age some years. Our church stopped doing it, so I must find somewhere else to get go through this year. Or, maybe we should take it on. Such a wonderful idea. Love your makes too. Cx

  8. you're an artist!!!


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