Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some Midweek Brightness....

It's a bit grey and dreary here this week.....and while trying to shake some "ickiness" I thought I would share some brightness that I have discovered around the web this week so far....

* Thinking that this week's shop could be a good place to begin this time saving plan.

* Want a worthwhile project to get involved in ...I have this one for you.

* If you need a warm fuzzy you must check out this and maybe it will inspire you to hit the road with the family and a van.

* If fashion, thrifting and op shopping is your thing check out Perth Restyle for some inspiration 

* A lovely reminder for us as to what a treasure our kids are here. 

* Something to get you signing along.....     


Hope your week is a little brighter now you have stopped by......


  1. LOVE those crockpot meals... I so have to get onto that then it will no longer be a pain every night!!

    Also loving that link with the caravanning family!! That's fantastic. Reminds me of the film I made of Myself, hubby, Mum, Dad and my son taking 4weeks in a campervan, and just touring all around the south Island, it was beautiful, and now that Dad has gone (to heaven), the memories are even that much more precious!!

    Also loving Stan the man... :) I'm taking my son and my nephew to his "world tour of NZ" tour in October, they are so looking forward to it...I wasn't at first, but he's really grown on me now!

    Great post with lots of goodies in it, thanks Bron x


Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi....I love having your support. I will do my best to pop back to you and say hi. xx


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