Friday, August 30, 2013

Things I am Loving...


This week's loves are....

* The birds that have been gathering to "talk" to the chickens....makes for a fun watch out of the kitchen window.

* The arrival today of a project I have been working on.

* Some new creative materials to tackle a long over due project.

* A simple fathers day project at playgroup that went down very well.

* The blossoms that were in bloom yesterday at work...but the winds have been since so they may have disappeared today.

* Need a use for all those unwanted gifted neckties that dad may have lying around?...check out this cool idea

* I have loved keeping track of the gifts that have entered my world this and here

* Loving this super cool use for a huge billboard  here.


Joining in with Meghan again this week......have a super lovely weekend.

Some more gifts from my day today...

* Unexpected deliveries

* Wind for drying the laundry

* Chocolate to have with my tea

* A restocked pantry heading into the weekend. 


  1. Unexpected gifts and a touch of spring in the air...a beautiful week!

  2. Those handprints are adorable - no wonder they went down well! Spring really shines through in your post - we are having an atypical start to Spring with a few colder days and a storm about to blow through today...brrr! Bit late to comment this week but your post sure brought a smile to my morning xx


Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi....I love having your support. I will do my best to pop back to you and say hi. xx


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