Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One of those days...

I knew it was going to be a crazy day when....

we woke to the promise of a wet and miserable day....

despite the wet we had a full quota at playgroup..75 bodies all having fun inside..

then this afternoon the washing machine flooding my laundry 

I did however manage to bake the yummiest newest recipe...I will share with you tomorrow. 

the day is not quite over...... so tell me something that could put an end to the crazies.....was your day less crazy?

Here's to some sanity returning tomorrow


  1. Tomorrow one sis will be present to give you a hug....You do an awesome job! love R x

  2. Oh My Goodness! Yes you are having a crazy day

    But it looks like you are taking it well!

    Love the picture by the way lol

    75 kids??? phew "Got ear plugs" lol

  3. Great picture :) hope the rest of the day was ok! x

  4. at least you look gorgeous when you are crazy!!

  5. Love your new blue hair!!
    And what is it with floods and water damage this week?! Sheesh.
    Hope your washing machine, and laundry are ok.

  6. Just catching up on your blog Bron, love that blue hair! Also love how similar our soccer Saturdays are. Hope all well xx

  7. One crazy day at a time is enough..I'm glad you got through that episode intact with a smile! We have had a few crazy days around here lately too. No hot water for two weeks was a bit crazy!


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