Friday, August 9, 2013

Things I am Loving.

This week....
Fun and games with our little guys best friend....well we thought it was funny ...the little guy not so much...

 We live in a state where High Visibility work wear clothing has sadly become a fashion statement.....although this little one at playgroup this week did pull her "hi vis" off very cutely.

So proud of myself that these blue MNM's have sat on our bench all week and I haven't eaten for all the other colours...hmmm a new packet may  have been bought today.

After a wet and dreary week it was nice to have the sun shine out today...

We have slim picking in the garden at the moment but these are looking promising.

...and these always love a little hint of the sun.

But wouldn't you know it ...five minutes before school pickup time...the rain began  and hasn't stopped since....

Joining in with Meghan  again this week. 



  1. I love the picture of the purple flower!

    Is that a pond in your back yard? The petals are large and pretty

  2. ohh strawberries yum! I would have eaten those mnms before they got in the plate well done u!

  3. the blue m&m's! such restraint! what a lovely week x

  4. I could not have left the MNM's alone. Can't believe there are strawberries looking like ripening already - but then that's your gorgeous climate (despite the rain!) xx

  5. ur garden pics look great.and yay for blue m n ms xx


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