Thursday, July 4, 2013

My New Satchel

Now tell me I am not alone....

When you are on a tight time schedule...a list a mile long...and you need just the right bag for an all important holiday...shopped everywhere for one...with no luck.... one!!!

C'mon tell me you would do the same????

Well I am so happy with my new satchel..... 

 The brief to myself was......Black, big enough to carry all I will need on a plane trip, long enough shoulder strap....and unique in style......

For the front panel I up-cycled a t-shirt that no longer fit but had a really cool motif ...

I added my own touch...just because I could....

I am so pleased with to fill it with all important travel necessities ...not forgetting the plane tickets.

So glad I set about and made my own one off creation that will always remind me of this special trip we are taking.....

Joining in with Show and Tell


  1. LOVE your satchel! I usually end up settling for something that isn't exactly what I want, when I should just make it.

  2. awesome job, can see why you reused that tee print, love it

  3. Looks fantastic! Love it x

  4. That is soooooooooo cute! I love it

  5. I love it! Bron, that is exactly the kind of thing I'd do, sew something instead (which is just what I did this week)! That embroidery is just beautiful too. Have a great trip, it sounds exciting xx

  6. It's great! and why wouldn't you sew something that's perfect :) Hope you have a wonderful trip x

  7. looks great! Have a fantastic time!! :)

  8. Your new satchel is utterly gorgeous! I love it too! Mel xox


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