Friday, July 19, 2013

Latest Creations

Before I went off gallivanting with my sweet a couple of weeks ago....I didn't get to show off the last of my creations that came out of Jody's studio...I finished the last class the day before I left....


Here is my little "black number".
It started out as a long to the floor lace over jacket thingy..We cut it short and attached the cotton lace edge from a vintage tablecloth around the edges...I then dunked it in black dye to bring the white lace up to near colour of the jacket....... 

Next....I did something new this round of workshops...I drafted a pattern from a shift dress I already owned and liked the style of......

So with a new piece of fabric I made this little "orange number".....It is covered up by the "little perfect for the dress" jumper that was made and given to me. 

and because I was so  excited to get away I haven't taken proper pics of the little "Blue number" made from the same pattern with fabric in my thrifted stash pile...The weather was so beautiful in NZ that I  wore it a couple of time with a jumper over the top.....

So I fail a little on the photo taking that really shows off my creations...but I am so very happy once again with the stash of garments that Jody so very cleverly helped me create .
A few busy tasks prevent me from joining the girls in the studio again right now but hopefully I am armed with enough motivation to keep going on my own.

Joining in with Show and Tell.


  1. oh, well do! looks lovely, you're very clever!! x

  2. You are so clever Bron, love those dresses and the black lace number! Very inspiring. Happy sewing xx

  3. Even though your creations feature quite heavily on the Blog lately I have to admit the orange number was a fave and I do think wrapping your head around a little pattern drafting is your ticket to fly - looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for you. x

  4. wow... that's awesome! I wish now a days that I hadn't given up sewing at school in favour of music :) I think I would have a ball creating garments like that.. .perhaps I should take a night class or something (oh , and then get my sewing machine fixed!!) haha.

  5. The little black jacket is gorgeous Bron, you are very clever. Loving you in that little orange number too.

  6. Such clever and gorgeous creations! Well done you Bron! x


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