Friday, July 12, 2013

Postcards from NZ

Hey kids......we are nearing the end of our week in New Zealand.....but before we head on out there was one place we wanted to visit...
A town called   Whangarei
It has a beautiful harbor or at least we saw where all the boats are was dreaming a little about owning a boat and sailing the high seas....

No dad wasn't just wanting to show how tough he is really was warm in the sun again today...although by the time we were leaving the black clouds rolled in...we headed the other way and managed to stay dry......

The reason we came to this bustling town was so I could meet up with a "friend"....

A couple of years ago while I was reading some blogs.....I noticed a girl who had the same last name as curiosity got the better of  me and hence I met Neetz. well that was until today I had not met her in real life......because we were so close to her home town we met for coffee....
It was lovely to sit and chat just like old friends...she was just how I imagined she would be...and we also got to meet very cute Kendyl who is 4 years old

as an added bonus Neetz had invited another local blogger Simone to join us with her sweet kids too......
It is amazing that through blogging we can eventually meet some awesome people who have very similar beliefs and values and in some cases share names ( I am off to see how close we may have come to marrying guys who are related somewhere)
It was only a short catchup but so glad we made the time to do it..,..

After we parted ways we continued to explore a little of the waterfront...we came across this local craft studio that had some beautifully crafted local pieces...also these women were working on a community tapestry....
 It was huge and community members are invited to participate in the weaving....the finished piece will be a stunning interpretation of the art work you see there.

Well before the day ends here is the pic of where we had the most delicious "fish and chips" last the hull of this boat restaurant.....
We have seen so many beautiful sights...eaten some yummy foods and really enjoyed every minute of our holiday here....
tonight it is time to begin packing the bags as we head back to Auckland in the morning for 24 hours till we fly home....
I know that you guys have had an awesome time too on your holiday with the cousins and we look forward to swapping stories in a a couple of days.
Take care..
love you lots. xxx


  1. Was so nice to meet you guys :-) I've loved seeing your pics of our home :-) Hopefully we'll one day get to seeing yours :-) xo

  2. How lovely to meet some awesome bloggers! Looks like you've had a wonderful trip x

  3. Oh, be still my beating heart! Thank you for the glimpse of my beautiful hometown :) Safe travels back to Auckland and home again. xx

  4. Awww... meeting you guys was the highlight of my day ;) (and that's a pretty HIGH highlight since we made yummy sushi at Playcentre today!!) hehehe.

    Fantastic to meet you Bron and Derek, it really was far too short though... usually I would have organised someone to pick up Asher so I didn't have to rush off, but being the start of the holidays etc, it's a bit crazy! When I got home I told Warren all about our "Cornish" connections, and told him how he would have hit it off wonderfully with you guys. Would have been lovely to have done dinner or something if you didn't have to go back and pack up your belongings etc.... oh well, next time huh? ;) Thanks for the afternoon, and the hot choc/dora drink! hehe. Im off to blog soon, and I have the wonderful pic of you that Kendyl took with the tablet! Loads of blessings .. "Arohanui" (lots of love), Neetz xx

  5. It is so fun to finally meet up with people you have things in common with!

    The landscape looks very beautiful! It makes me want to visit there as well. The farthest destination I have been is the Bahamas and I LOVED it.

    That city seems like it is a great community to belong to, I would love to have a close nit community like that.

    It looks like you are having a great vacation!

    Safe travels back home! xx

  6. That's exciting to meet!

    & that art work will look amazing when finished! Wow! Did you do some?


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