Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Family Gang

While we were off enjoying our fabulous holiday we left the children in the very capable hands of my middle sister.....I say capable because she already has four energetic boys of her own and not only did she offer to have our two......


she took them 600km north of here to join our baby sister and her five little ones to look after a friends farm........

They were in such good hands and they had the best fun.....the best of it was hanging with 9 other cousins....... 

They were hard to pin down for Skype calls ....

 They returned with so many stories.....a bucket load of photos and memories tucked away.

So my sister is a hero for stepping in for us.....both my sisters should be honored for their support   ......

The trouble has been the come down from having a gang to hang with....back to just each other...

Lucky we are back at school this week.....all pinning for a little of that holiday feeling back.


  1. It was our pleasure, we love them to bits...R x

  2. Sounds like you have a couple of really great sisters!

    To have all those cousins together makes for lots of fun memories.

  3. wow that is so precious for them to have that amazing time together too!

  4. Oh how wonderful for them and you all really! x

  5. How much fun would that have been. I would love a holiday like that as a kid.
    I can imagine what the come down was like, good to have school to fall back on........
    Great to have sisters to help out when needed......Bet they all had a ball together.

    Claire x


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